Who do you work with?

Young people who are looking to start or grow their families or young parents.

What can I expect on an initial introductory call?
  1. You can expect to spend approx. 15 minutes with one of our experts. On this initial consultation we will go over
    1. Your insurance needs
    2. Your financial goals
    3. Your savings vs spending habits
  2. At the end of our call, we will mutually decide if we want to continue our conversation or part ways as friends. Either option is totally fine with us! 
Are you a fiduciary?
Yes, we are! We only think of your best interest when making recommendations
Why is insurance planning important before pregnancy?
Did you know that pregnancy complications can disqualify you from being able to get insurance? Most people are underinsured and they don’t even know it. We need to mitigate these risks while we’re still young and healthy.
Do you represent any companies?
We do not! We are entirely independent which means that you will get unbiased advice. We represent our clients to make sure they get the best, most suitable financial products on the market.
What companies do you work with?
We have contracts with approx. 50 different insurance carriers that all serve different purposes. This gives us the flexibility to be nimble when putting our clients with insurance companies.
Why would I want to work with you?
We take the time to understand your needs, wants, and wishes. We do not practice any kind of “hard selling” techniques on our clients and potential clients. We will simply figure out if we are a good fit and what that fit might be.

Let's Create a Brighter Future!

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